DC Software – Foundations


  • DC-Bearing for Windows – Bearing capacity analysis ace. to DIN 1054,2005/DIN 40071 SIA 267 / OENORM B 4435-2 / OENORM B 1997-1-1 / Eurocode 7 / Terzaghi / Brinch Hansen
  • DC-Settle for Windows – Analysis of settlement of any number of foundation acc. to DIN 4019
  • DC-Footing for Windows– Analysis of footings (rectangular, strip, circular footings) with all foundation engineering checks and optimization
  • DC-Footing/Pylon  for Windows – Analysis of fixed pylon footings acc. to Steckner
  • DC-Slope for Windows– Base and slope failure acc. to DIN 1054,2005 /DIN 4084 1 S1A 267 / OENORM B 1997-1-1 (Krey-Bishop/Janbu)
  • DC-Geotex for Windows– Reinforced earth with geosyntheties
  • DC-Gabion for Windows

ONLY those who BUYS the software through us can enjoy the support from our senior geotechnical engineers (Mr. Gouw) on certain questions on the application of the software into practices. They also entitled for reduces fee for the consultation on the review and the application of the softwares into their projects.

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Geotechnical & Motiviational Course

  • Soil Mechanis
  • Soil Investigation
  • Foundation Engineering
  • PIT, PDA, Sonic Logging
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Deep Excavation
  • Ground Improvement
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Earthquake
  • Liquefaction Analysis
  • Application of Geotechnical Software
  • Other Geotechnical Course

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  • The Problem of Engineer
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  • Toward Successful Engineering Career
  • Pressure lead to Success
  • The Up and Down of My Life
  • Theory of Emptiness
  • Turning Thought into Reality
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