Getting Old?

Written by Gouw Tjie Liong. Posted in General, Motivational

Life is always amazing. If we like to think back about things in the past, does that mean we are now getting old?
Yes… we cannot denied that we do getting old as the day passes by. But we must always be positive and be happy while of course also be productive.


The key of learning is to empty ourself!

Written by Gouw Tjie Liong. Posted in General, Motivational

Before we learn something, if we really want to learn, and to benefit from what a person or mother nature tell us is to behave like what I have learned so far, that is: “What I have learned is a cup full of coffee has to be emptied before one can fill it with a fresh water. Therefore, the only way to learn something is to empty one’s mind first, otherwise nothing can be learned.”


Live like a Pencil

Written by Gouw Tjie Liong. Posted in General, Motivational

A Pencil Story
I believe I was born for a purpose!
I hesitated what I am for?
I seek and realized I am born to write!
To write meaningfully…
And I start writing…
Inherently, at times I make mistake…
But I know mistake is only a word…
And I can learn from the mistake…
Mistake is a clue to redo,
Redo in a different way,
I have the in built power
to get up and make correction!
One of the days I do worn up,
I was dull and blank….
However, I believe what is important is inside,
So, I go and sharpen myself,
To dig the inner side of me,
And I find I can write even better.
Although my life is getting shorter,
and will eventually die off..
But I know, what I will leave behind is a legacy for the world to read and learn!!
(GTL-SG-MRT-150818 freely rewritten from BillyK)

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